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Lucy-Ann Prideaux is a registered Nutritionist (RNutr) having graduated with an MSc degree in Human Nutrition from Aberdeen University in 1997. As a past competitive triathlete and personal trainer, and with a first class BSc degree in Sport and Exercise Science, Lucy-Ann is also an experienced authority on sports nutrition at elite and recreational level, as well as on health and fitness training, and general health nutrition.

Her passion for healthy natural food, coupled with an expansive knowledge of nutritional science, has led to her current and varied roles as owner of "Simply Nutrition" ( She is a nutrition consultant & coach to individuals nationwide, as well as a freelance writer and presenter, running various courses, events and themed culinary workshops through the year.

Lucy-Ann has over 20 years experience in the health, and fitness industry, having begun her career in the early 90’s, training in many aspects of fitness and personal training. For the last 12 years she has worked in practise as a Nutritionist. She has attracted many individuals (both from the public domain and the athletic world), all aiming to achieve better health, and performance through dietary and lifestyle change. She encourages people to take full responsibility for their health, improves self-awareness, and provides individuals with first-class, up-to-date, food and nutrition education, as well as on-going support, new ideas and strategies.

Her individual clients originate from all walks of life. She works with the general public, helping people with a wide range of digestive problems and weight issues. She has a particular interest and expertise in working with athletes across a range of sports, particularly endurance athletes, helping them to achieve their full potential with excellent nutrition. She enjoys helping and supporting both competitive and recreational triathletes, cyclists and runners, and works closely with coaches in the cycling and triathlon world.

Lucy-Ann also works with organisations and companies, both in the food and non-food sectors, all interested in, or involved in food and nutrition education. She has a wide knowledge and appreciation of the supplements industry, having worked as a nutrition consultant for a leading nutrition supplement company for a number of years. The diversity of her work and the many types of clients she has attracted and helped over the years, allows her to bring new ideas, inspiration and creativity to all the projects and tasks she is presented with.

As a gifted and enthusiastic writer, Lucy-Ann has had many articles published in food and health magazines, such as 220 Triathlon Magazine, Cycling Weekly, Men’s Fitness, Shape, Glamour, Natural Health and Well-Being, Choice, Here's Health, Slimmer Magazine, and has been profiled in The Times Newspaper. She writes all the articles and features on her own membership site,, as well as being the author of the site’s 365-day e-program in food, nutrition and healthy living. All her individual clients receive free subscriptions to this innovate program, to keep them supported and motivated throughout the year toward consistent good health and fitness. Her blog also contains many useful articles and resources for anyone interested in better health, and well-being.

In 2001, Lucy-Ann worked as a Nutritionist and member of the Sports Science and Medicine support team to the British Equestrian Team, accompanying them to the World Equestrian Games, in Jerez, Spain in 2002. She has also been a Tutor for Future Fit Ltd, the UK’s leading training organisation for health and fitness professionals, tutoring on the “Nutrition and Weight Management” course.

Lucy-Ann continues to study many aspects of physical and mental health, and well-being, from both the conventional and non-conventional worlds. This gives her a balanced approach and appreciation of human health, fitness and behaviour. She is a qualified Ayurvedic lifestyle practitioner.

Her words...
"I have a Masters degree in Human Nutrition, which I gained in 1997, following my bachelor degree studies in Sport and Exercise Science. Prior to that (in my early 20’s) I taught many forms of exercise classes, and worked as a Personal Trainer. This stood alongside my own training & competing in running events and triathlon. Since focusing primarily on Nutrition, human health and food education, I am lucky and extremely grateful to have worked in a wide & rather diverse variety of settings, both with the general public, businesses & corporations, athletes & sports teams, but always aiming to do one thing… improve people’s knowledge & understanding of food & nutrition, & “healthy living”, and what that means to them. It is vital that each individual knows how he or she can use newfound knowledge to get where they want to go! After all, knowledge is not true knowledge until we have lived it! I’ve had wonderful learning opportunities and as such, have gained a wealth of experience as a practising Nutritionist, as well as developing my skills as a writer, and budding entrepreneur! My work is a true passion for me – simply because it enables me to do what I love doing… interacting with a variety of people, to teach and educate in exciting and inspiring ways, and of course to support people too, on their own personal journeys to better health, sustained weight loss, improved fitness, improved athletic performance, personal growth or simply more happiness and contentment in their lives. I always feel very privileged and grateful to be in such a position, to make a real and lasting difference to people’s lives. Naturally, I have a passionate interest and fascination with the subject of nutrition (relating to both ancient traditions, as well as modern science and modern living) but more specifically in the fact that what we eat (and how we live our lives) truly does affect our entire physical, mental, emotional AND spiritual health and well-being.

I bring to all aspects of my work, my growing knowledge and experience from my never-ending studies in Nutrition, health and well-being, and my own sporting and fitness background, as well my interest (and study) in Ayurvedic Medicine, cooking and cuisine.

Please contact me if you would like to colaborate with me, or want me to help you, and support you (or your clients) toward better health, fitness and success".


Natural health, natural food and natural living! Reading just about anything & everything to do with human health, human behavious, food & nutrition! Ancient health and healing arts - e.g. Ayruveda (I am a trained Ayruvedic Diet and Lifestyle Practitioner, and trained with the European Institute of Vedic Studies) Swimming Triathlon, Singing Cooking & preparing delicious food Dining out Clothes, & I love shoes - hey I am woman! Flowers - my favourite flower is the Red Rose Herbs and spices Yoga The countryside and the natural surroundings & coastline where I live Travelling Spontaneity