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Thank you Lucy-Ann for blogging about the Plank. It is a posture I regularly teach in my yoga classes. It is also an excellent way of building some upper body strength, giving shape to those shoulders and upper arms. Thanks again for all you are sharing with us! www.yoga4healthyliving.com

Lucy-Ann Prideaux

I am sure your yoga students will be in tip-top shape Beryl! I agree, the Plank, done well, is an excellent all-round posture - great for the butt too! The focus on (and importance of) core strength for all round fitness, is one of the best things that has come out of the "fitness" industry in recent years, and I feel more of us should adopt types of exercise that use core strength as a fundamental principle - like yoga, Pilates, and correct use of the Swiss Ball - one of my favourite!
I hope your classes are full Beryl - one day I would love to come and give your students a talk on nutrition for mind, body and soul - what do you say?! We could do a workshop together? Best wishes, Lucy-Ann xxx


i learnt this postion in a group for getting abs,and it said use your elbows instead of hands,is tht ok?


Yes Jordie you can. Executing the Plank on the elbows is an easier version of the one described above, because you have a wider surface area on which to balance - i.e. the forearms instead of just the hands! Progress to trying the Plank using your hands - and then a further progression might be "Plank knee-ins", bringing one knee to the shoulder and then switching sides... all the time keeping the abs (torso) and glutes (butt) tight! Good luck - L-A

General health

I learned a good exercise from you... Sure i will try this and practice all day..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyr_KC2dbao Thanks for the great article.. It sounds like a solution for me.. Gonna share this with my friends..


I've been doing the plank exercise after I've already worked my abs in various ways and I can really feel it while I'm only holding it for 30 seconds or so. Is it really toning my abs, or not? What are the benefits of doing this exercise?


I read that a good way to do the plank is 45-60 seconds 5 times.

Does it do more of a slimming effect? Or would it more bulk you up? Does it work your entire waist?

I am trying to slim my waist. I know targeting doesn't entirely work. I am eating healthy (little to zero processed foods). I also do cardio and other strength training.

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