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Rudin Dchosta

Nice post..! Vitamin D is very important for our body.


What about the use of a Vitamin D-producing sunlamp???

I live in Vermont where there is never a strong sun, and lots of cloudy and rainy days as well. My levels were tested at 35 ng/ml, then after taking 1000 IU of D3 for months, only tested at 36. So now they told me to take 50,000 ID (!) every week for 12 weeks, then aevery 2 weeks for the rest of the year. I dunno about pills... I love the sun and would bask every day if it was out! A lamp seems like a good alternative, more natural.

Now someone online is saying that vit D can amplify autoimmune disease, BTW. That the low level may be an effect, not a cause of the problem. What are we to think???


Thanks for your comment and excellent question... one which deserves the very best answer from a leading authority on this subject. Can I therefore recommend you visit the website http://www.vitamindrevolution.com, and ask Dr Soram Khalsa this very question. He has written an excellent book called "The Vitamin D Revolution", and I heard him speak on the subject. You can join his newsletter, and also visit his blog, where he posts regularly...

I hope this helps, and I wish you all health and happiness, and lots of sunshine!! Lucy-Ann

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